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The Church.
Grace Tabernacle is a vibrant New Testament Church where people from all walks of life meet. It is a place where the hand of God change the lives of people through faith in Gods Word. The church is a place where people can serve God with their talents and receive instruction to attain the everlasting success that is found in Christ Jesus.
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The Pastor.

Reverend Pastor Gerald Hugo Ministry Profile Reverend Pastor Gerald Hugo is the senior Pastor and founder of Grace Tabernacle Church for the past ten years, with branches in Silverton, Mamelodi and other provinces. God called Pastor Hugo to the ministry fifteen years ago, from a successful career in the business world. He is a sought after international conference speaker, author, father, husband and Pastor. Pastor Hugo is the visionary leader of the 2020 Mandate that focuses on Building environmentally friendly church buildings, community development projects, Spreading the gospel through all media platforms, The Christian Business chamber, Christians in politics, and radical soul wining. Pastor Hugo is hosting miracle services every first Sunday of the month that see people traveling from various provinces and communities to receive a touch from God. He also hosts City for Jesus Evangelism outreaches with a ministry team to win souls and spread the gospel. Pastor Hugo is the best-selling author of “How to interpret your Dreams and Visions’ a book that trains ordinary people to interpret their own dreams and visions. He also run a mentorship program for young leaders called “The Junior Leaders Mentorship Program’ with a current total of 85 young people. The program is aimed at preparing tomorrow’s leaders today. Pastor Hugo has a love for the outdoors. He enjoy biking, camping and hiking on a regular basis. Pastor Hugo also established Marriage on the Rock Foundation, which is a foundation that is committed to build healthy marriages for the past five years. The foundation hosts various couples events, talks and camps to enrich peoples marriages. During these sessions Pastor Hugo couch couples on maintaining healthy marriages, and he is also preaching the "bedroom gospel” without reservation.